The undersigned ______________________ hereinafter refereed to as seller hereby agree to list for sale, exclusively with Crown Realty hereinafter referred to as "Crown", all my rights and benefits to the use of the apartment #_________________, week#_________________, Building #_______________, Floor ____________ and the premises described in the Agreement dated _____________, made by and between __________________(Resort) and Seller, under the following terms and conditions:


Additional Weeks:

TOTAL FEE US$ Seller authorizes Crown, per the attached Power of Attorney, to sell the above mentioned Timeshare rights for the price stipulated herein with usage by the buyer beginning _______________________ for a purchase price of US$______________ or more either in cash or to be financed by the Seller. Inventory is provided by Seller such Inventory will bear an interest rate of _________% with a minimum of __________% down payment.

Seller agrees to pay Crown 25% commission on the listed price that Seller may accept at the time of sale, which commission will be deducted from the down payment made by the Purchaser(s). The balance of the purchase price will be forwarded to the Seller upon receipt of the same in good collectible funds after satisfying any outstanding payment on maintenance fee due to the Resort or Resort's assigns.

Seller authorizes Crown to process, advertise and distribute this listing in any form or manner Crown deems necessary to properly market the Timeshare rights/unit(s) covered by this agreement.

Seller hereby authorizes Seller's mortgage lender and/or home Resort to release Crown any pertinent information relative to the status of the mortgage loan# ______ and maintenance fees due.

Crown will contact Seller only in the event of receipt of a bona-fide offer and a good faith deposit.

In case of forfeiture of any down payment made by a prospective purchaser for Seller's Timeshare rights, said down payment shall be divided equally between Seller and Crown, after expenses incurred by Crown on Seller's behalf have been deducted.

It is the Seller's responsibility to notify the exchange company of any sale. Should Seller contract a sale directly, Seller must immediately notify Crown.

Seller warrants that all information supplied Crown is true and correct. Seller declares to accept any and all liability for damages which may occur as a result of misrepresentation by Seller.

Seller shall indemnify and hold harmless Crown, its officers and employees against and from any misrepresentation made herein by Seller, Seller's Resort, Resort managing entity, Resort Developer, Resort Sales Agent.

This agreement represents our entire understanding and supercedes all prior representations whether written or oral.

Signed in Sint Maarten on _______________________________ 2002

Crown _________________________ Seller _______________________